Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Petal Pushers

Well, the petal pushers came out after the last blog post, I'm delighted to say. I am feeling so inspired! Check out these latest flower portraits.

Katrina Pruett shares this lovely composition called Tiny Flowers. By her own admission, it's one of those "extreme app" results. She started with two photos from slightly different angles of the same tiny flowers. Blender (which made unexpected color changes). Photo Fx for one of the diffusing filters. Then Toon Camera to reverse a bit of the fuzziness. Lastly Pic Grunger for texture. This is one of iPhone Diva's favorites. I gotta try Katrina's recipe.


© Katrina Pruett

John Derby was awarded "Mark of Excellence" for this lovely Iris photo in the I Shot It photo competition sponsored by Leica. His wife grew the beautiful bloom named interestingly enough "Starship Enterprise". You can find more of John's work on his artist site: John Derby Photograpy
© John Derby

For this vibrant lotus shot, Katrina again used a number of apps. Here's how she did it "Snap seed. Touch retouch to remove debris in the water. Laminar pro (can't recall why I ran it through that). Then a new one to me - Jazz. That put the red streaks and red tint in the background which I kinda like."

© Katrina Pruett

I took a Fourth of July walk with gal pals Theresa and Karen. The flowers were out in full regalia. Pink Indian Paintbrush decorated this granite boulder as we tramped to Lake Winnemucca in the Mokulumne Wilderness high in the California Sierra Nevada.. Snapseed, Camera+, Camera Awesome.
Dewitt and I were returning from a trip when we pulled over abruptly for this field of sunny blossoms. I love sunflowers - they seem to have personalities, each and every one. This is a straight iPhone shot using Pro HDR. And I'm sure I will app it in the future as well.

While celebrating the Fourth by traversing a favorite trail in the HIgh Sierra, my girlfriends and I came across a wildflower meadow in full bloom. Snapseed, Tiffen Photo FX, Camera +.

This shot by Lauri Dinetz combines a dahlia blossom with her haiku. No apps, just added the text on her computer. I love words and pictures together! Thanks everyone for the contributions!

© Lauri Dinetz

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer is Blooming

Everything seems to be in bloom so my poor little iPhone has been getting quite a workout. I have hardly had time to process any I've taken - here are a few.
Three roses worked with Snapseed, Camera+, and Camera Awesome.
The olloclip macro was used for detail of this freesia. Camera+, Snapseed, Touch Retouch.
This wild rose on the shore of Lake Tahoe was shot with ProHDR and processed using Snapseed and Camera Awesome.
The Olloclip macro lens showing just a detail of a  flower whose name I've forgotten. Processed in Snapseed and Camera +.
This photo was created using what I jokingly refer to as the freezer app. One of my iphoneography pals, Sara Howell, has frozen blossoms and then photographed them. Taking a page from her playbook, (thanks Sara), I froze these petals in a clear pyrex dish, then photographed them. Snapseed and Photoshop Touch were the "in iPad" apps. You can bet I'll be doing a lot more of these.
OK everyone, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your flower photos! Enjoy the summertime blooms.