Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grand iPhone Photo Art in the Grand Canyon

Beautiful Saddle Canyon has some of the most sublime reflections in the Grand Canyon. Pro HDR, Snapseed. That's all folks.

The iPhone does a great job of focusing close-up. This sacred datura blossom fills the frame in the foreground leaving the background of the river and canyon to go soft.
Pro HDR, Snapseed. I also did a version without the bug, using Touch Retouch.
OK, enough of the straight shots of beauty. Here is a "painting" of a wooden dory, the glorious and elegant craft we travel down the Colorado. Effect was created by using Slow Shutter Cam.
And now for the labor intensive art. Did a watercolor painting (as in did all the brush strokes with my finger on the iPad) with PhotoViva app. I prefer doing the strokes myself when I can, rather than letting Painteresque or Autopainter do it all. Did a color sketch with Snap and Sketch app and combined the two in IRIS app. Finally, added a little extra texture in IRIS. Took about 45 minutes. I love the process as much as the final frame.