Monday, September 10, 2012

Red Jalopies iPhone Style

In Bridgeport, California, Dewitt and I were treated to 100 year old automobiles crowding into town for an annual gathering. Followed them all over town with our iPhones at the ready. As my iPhoneography pals say, "If it's red, shoot it."

I used Hipstamatic: Dreamcanvas and Tejas to capture some of the details of the story. BTW, Hipstamatch is a must have app if you want to have an idea which of your kabillions of lens/film combinations will give you the desired result.

 To illustrate this collision of worlds, I used Painteresque and then blended the result back with the original in IRIS. Retouch removed a distracting chimney spout. I think they were buying oil, all these jalopies are in beautifully restored condition and they all leak oil. The owners carry big pieces of cardboard to put under them when they are parked.
 Autopainter app, IRIS to combine, Snapseed app. The town looks as vintage as the cars.