Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Own Private Paris

It can be challenging to find  new views of places that have been photographed so much. Even more so with iPhoneography where you have a single focal length and fixed aperture (unless you app it to approximate a larger one). So I'm always thrilled when I can take a photo that I've not seen before of a popular destination. Here are three views of my last trip to Paris that fit the bill.

The Peace Wall was shattered on one side and had not been fixed. It seemed a poignant frame for the Eiffel Tower. Apps: Camera+, Snapseed.

A rainy afternoon in the Latin Quarter seemed a busy colorful blur, so I used Slow Shutter app to capture the feeling. Optimized with Snapseed.

The Mona Lisa in the Louvre in the process of being captured by a Smart Phone. I like the blend of old and new image making. Apps: Camera+, Touch Retouch to remove distracting details like an arm coming in the left side.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Simply B and W Has a New Home

Good news, iphoneographers! Simply Band W has found a new home with app developer FotoSyn, the folks who brought us Bleach Bypass and Gelo. I am so happy!

Here's the press release from developer Jim Moore: 

Simply B and W will be joining the Fotosyn stable of apps.  A few weeks ago, Brian Kennedy of Mr B Ware, author of Simply B and W began discussions with myself about looking after and taking on the presence of Simply B and W in the App Store. As that handover will soon be complete with the app reappearing in the next week or so I wanted to let you know what was happening and where we’ll be going in the next few months with the app.

First of all… Simply B andW is one of the stalwart apps in the App Store. It’s hugely respected for its simplicity and effectiveness. That’s something I too very much believe in what apps should do -  a set number of tasks but doing them well. Simply B and W definitely has an enviable reputation in the App Store and it is something that I will do my best to keep up as the app develops over time. One of the most important things I wanted to put across first off is that the app will remain free. Free download, and free without any in-app purchases or advertising. The app, in it’s current form, fully free, will form the basis of going forwards. This is in keeping with the generous spirit of Brian who has selflessly handed the code over to me lock stock without looking for any financial gain. I respect this standpoint very much and I hope to continue with the development of Simply Band W in this spirit.

The app itself will relaunch, unchanged but will allow the app to progress and its user base to re-enter the update cycle, initially from maintenance mode in the initial months to an app that will keep up to date with the developments of iOS and the iPhone and iPad family. Initially I would see updates allowing for the larger sizes of the iPhone 5, possibly an iPad version as well as other tweaks including geolocation within EXIF data. From there, and as I shape the other apps I have (Bleach Bypass and Geló) I will draw on what works – allowing for easy workflow updates and enhancements to the UI, so that all three offer a unified user experience with the focus on taking pictures and editing them straight on your phone/tablet.

To say I am delighted to have been chosen to look after Simply Band W is an understatement. My passion has always been photography and image processing, so to be given the opportunity help others develop their photography through apps, and now with Simply B and W will be a great source of pleasure for me in the coming years.

I will be supporting Simply Band W with updates in line with my other apps; launching an app site to showcase the app as well as writing tutorials specifically related to Black and White photography which will appear on the newly (relaunched) Fotosyn website in the coming weeks. I am also entering into discussions with a world-class landscape photographer about writing some tutorials which will form the basis of inspiration in using this great app. This is in early stage but it is someone with whom I have worked extensively with in the past.

 If you require further information please contact me on this address or on mobile 07714 214117. I am also available for Skype on jimmoorephoto.
Many Thanks and Best Regards… Jim

Fotosyn is a small independent developer of iPhone apps based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Started by Jim Moore in 2010; the stable includes Bleach Bypass and the recently launched colour tinting app Geló. Simply Band W makes up the third app in the range.

Note: This app is Simply B ampersand W - unfortunately Blogger does not allow ampersands in a post.  So I have written the word and in its place. Sigh.