Monday, February 22, 2010

Metamorphosis Through iPhone App DXP

Still exploring transformation and metamorphosis through butterflies with DXP combining multiple images. These are the latest. I feel like I'm onto something. Maybe not, but then again, maybe......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Butterflies and Transformation iPhone Style

Butterflies (and occasionally by extension, moths) are endlessly fascinating to me. I love to watch them. I love their energy (more floaty and serene than say hummingbirds.) And I love the mythic symbolism of transformation.

So I have embarked on my own exploration of transformation in the butterfly realm with my iPhone with these three images.

I ran a sink of water for dishwashing and answered a lengthy phone call. Upon my return, I found this moth had fallen into the soapy water and drowned. So I did what any humanitarian photographer would do - I took her picture. I used one of the filters in the Photo Studio app - can't remember which one, maybe sepia tone.

I took a photo of a butterfly, applied Toonpaint, and aged it in Pic Grunger.
I took the Toonpainted butterfly and combined it in DXP app with a Toonpainted photo of a mask to get this image.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Toon with Toonpaint and Urbanity Revealed

Digital Diva Robin Robertis is at it again - she is using Toonpaint to make a recognizable scene new to us.
Check out these three images from across the pond.

And here's how she did them in her own words
image inToonpaint then
Layered in dxp with orginal pict.
To bring some color back
Over and over n over

Fun fun fun.

Then she pushed the artistic envelope with these two images, done the same way.

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones was also traveling and created these gritty urban scenes with Hipstamatic app. All of these images illuminate why the iPhone is now my favorite of cameras. (And I have a lot of cameras.)