Sunday, July 29, 2012

An iPhoneographer in Paris, Part Deux

Sometimes (in my case, rarely) an iPhone photo doesn't need to be apped all that much. These three Paris scenes were apped only with Snapseed to optimize. I'm sure that in the future I will revisit them and app them madly. But for now, they are enough for me just as they are. Alleyway wall in the Latin Quarter. Magritte lives.

The Peace Wall gazes at the Eiffel Tower in this direction (at the War Memorial) in the other. And yes, I took both shots. Poignantly, part of the Peace Wall is shattered - I chose to shoot through that portion of the monument.

This is one of my favorite shots - taken in the restaurant at the Pompidou Modern Art Museum. The cafe itself is a work of art.

Friday, July 20, 2012

An iPhoneographer in Paris

Paris is truly an iPhoneographer's dream. It is not, however, a wifi dream. Hence the paucity of images posted here lately. Be forewarned: that is about to change! As I sift through the ginormous pile of images on my hard drive, I'll be putting them up on iPhone Diva: here and on the Facebook page. And showing some guest photo galleries in between, so I don't hog all the space.

Boat down the Seine with Notre Dame was apped with Dynamic Light, Simply HDR, and Snapseed.

There is a wonderful flower mart right in the heart of Paris. We stumbled upon it walking from our apartment in the Latin Quarter to the Louvre. I loved these little planters. Apped with Snapseed, Camera +.

What? There were iPhoneographers in the 13th century?!? Who knew?!? Looks like he was trying to make a call with his camera and couldn't get service. Silly boy.
Statue at the Louvre Museum. Snapseed and native camera.