Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camera Awesome is in a Word: Awesome

When I first downloaded Smug Mug's Camera Awesome, I played around with some of the free effects, which are terrific. Then I dithered: which ones to buy of the myriad ones left. I couldn't decide. Sometimes it pays to procrastinate - now you can buy them all within the app for one low price (I think it is 9.99) for a limited time. No more dithering. I bought them all and am extremely appy.

These ti leaves were worked with Camera +, Snapseed, Modern Grunge, and of course, Camera Awesome.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

iPhoneography - Country Style

Here are some more great iPhone art endeavors from fellow iPhoneographer John Derby. I've included his descriptions and apps. (I appreciate the stories of the photos just as much as the pics themselves. And that's saying something!) Enjoy!

Title: Sean's Rig
Location: Chadwick, Missouri, USA
Equipment: iPhone 4, iPad 2
Apps Used: Camera +, Snapseed, Pro HDR, Simply HDR, Rainy Daze

This is Sean's Rig - We stopped at Kay's Country Store one day when Sean pulled in to gas up his rig. That's what people in our neck of the Ozarks call pickup trucks. Sean is a professional rodeo announcer (yes, that really is a profession). Part M.C., part homespun comedian, part D.J., and part friend to all, he's darn good at what he does.

An interesting thing about this photo is the old building you can just see in the background. It's the old Chadwick Ford Model "T" factory and dealership! Back in the days before the railroad spur was dismantled Chadwick boasted several stores, banks, saloons, even a hotel. The large manufactured components of the Model "T"'s were shipped in crates via rail and the final assembly was performed in that building prior to sale.

Nowadays, the building is falling apart, but in the street side corner (you can just see the window and chimney) there is an apartment in which lives a little old lady. The apartment has running water, but no electricity, and is heated by a wood stove. I almost never see the lady, but I know she's still there because the neighbors keep filling her wood bin and delivering trays of food. That's just the way people in the Ozarks are!

Title: Ye Olde Stope Shop 
Location: Chadwick, Missouri, USA 
Equipment: iPhone 4, iPad 2 
Apps Used: Snapseed, Pro HDR, Dramatic B&W, Pixlromatic (for frame) 
Ye Olde Stope Shop [sic] - In the days before Kay's Country Store dominated the Chadwick retail scene, on of the surfeit of sundries shops was "Ye Olde Stope Shop". The painted lettering on the side of the building is very faded. Almost invisible to the naked eye, I was only able to read it via several HDR shots at various angles to the sun. Then, as now, little country shops were the social networks of the day.

Title: Old Country Store Location: Linden, Missouri, USA 
Equipment: iPhone 4, iPad 2 
Apps Used: Snapseed, Pro HDR, Simply HDR, Painteresque 
It used to be a small country store near a picturesque creek in Linden, Missouri, USA, popular with swimmers, fishermen, and kayakers. Very popular with teenagers, the county sheriff usually sets up a "check point" in front of this old store in order to catch those who are unwise enough to bring alcohol.