Thursday, January 30, 2014

Instant Gratification with InstaFusion App

I love collaging and combining multiple images. I have most of the collage apps and use them in various situations depending on the look I want. Seriously, I did not think there could be another interesting app for image combining - that is, an app that offers new options other than the zillions I already have.

Then the TechBla folks came out with InstaFusion. And yes, it is something new under the sun! It has features like Unistrip (yep, puts a strip of a photo in another, very cool.) Radial Blend is another cool mode. There are too many intriguing aspects to show them all here. Here are just three made with the same two source images.

This first image combines two images of Mardi Gras past: a mannequin wears an brightly colored ornate costume and a sequined clock approaches midnight.

For a different look, I used the darker blend mode. I changed the color balance using fave app Color Thief. Finished it off with dark grit frame in Camera+.

 This is my favorite of the series, using yet another blend mode (worked so fast, I'm not sure which one) but InstaFusion lets you see thumbnail versions of the effects so it is easy to find one you like. The clock moving toward 12 lends a disturbing tension to this image.  I finished it off with Camera Awesome Frame, which has a muted effect on the photo.