Sunday, January 6, 2013

Simply B&W is Looking For A New Home

Free to good home. Wonderful iPhone app with proven track record and many fans wishes to be adopted by geeky computer guy or gal who also is interested in photography. Creator is moving to new job and must find a new domicile for me. Please email him (Brian Kennedy) here: -  Thank you. I promise to be loyal and a boon for all who use me.

Yes, it's true, photo pals. Simply B&W - one of iPhone Diva's all time favorite apps and my main B&W app is looking for someone to take over. Developer Brian Kennedy is closing his app shop as his new job will not allow him time to continue. After he announced his decision, the outpouring of "love" for Simply B&W fueled his decision to pass it on. Rather than selling this app, he is looking to give it away to a lucky developer.

Here's what and who he is looking for, in his own words:

"Update - 1/5/2013
I'd like to thank everyone for all the kind words since I first posted this message. I'm especially grateful for all of the messages I've seen that would like to see Simply B&W continue in the future. I was recently contacted by a developer who wanted to buy the source to Simply B&W but I've actually decided I'd rather give it away. My ideal candidate is a computer science student who develops iOS apps on the side and is into photography but unfortunately I don't know anyone that meets that criteria. If you're interested please email me at with the following details:

A brief bio/background about yourself
A link to any existing apps you've developed
A brief description of why you'd like to take over the app
A link to your photography (Flickr, Instagram, etc...)

I should also mention that I have no hard criteria on who I'll consider. If you're interested and you aren't in school that's ok too, so please apply. Your bio and the reason that you'd like to take over the app are my biggest factors in judging the pool of candidates. I'll collect candidates until Wed 1/9 and then try to make my decision by next Friday 1/11.

Thanks again,

Please email Brian if you have any desire to give this wonderful app a home. I admit to selfishly wanting it to stick around. Yes, it is possible to do decent black and white conversion in Snapseed and others. But my heart belongs to Simply B&W. Photo above is of Kapuaiwa Palm grove in Moloka`i - apped with Simply B&W. Of course.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simply Honolulu With an iPhone and Simply HDR App

One of my favorite apps is Simply HDR by the talented and prolific Jixipix gang. For you photoshop aficionados, its effects remind me of the plugin Lucis Pro. I love the crunchy, hyped look for certain subjects, particularly for architecture and street photography. Recently, I visited Honolulu with gal pal Theresa. We were there on business, but we still found time to pull out our iPhones as we walked Waikiki Beach. I knew even as I took these shots that I'd want to use Simply HDR.

 High rise tower with palms with sun reflecting off the many glass panes.

I loved this man's body language and elegant aloha shirt.

A Waikiki beach boy cleaned up chaise longs as the tourists headed off to dinner.