Sunday, February 19, 2012

Painteresque: iPhone Diva’s New Fave App

I was asked the other day what might be my favorite iPhone photo art app. That’s hard to answer - because I have lots of favorites - and they change all the time.

It all depends on what I want to convey in an image, and that usually involves a number of apps for each shot. Sometimes I’ve previsualized - taking a shot with a specific app in mind; other times it’s an organic process of just working a photo until it “feels right”.

Occasionally, I run across an app that is a favorite across the board - for almost any image. While I’m usually not a huge fan of “one trick pony” apps, in the case of Painteresque, I’ve made an exception. Because it is simply phenomenal! So I can say that this week, it’s my favorite app.

Here are a few images to give you a taste of what this yummy app can do.

A view of an entryway/garden in Honolulu.

My friends David and Victoria Ruderman (iPhone Diva artist contributors) have puzzles set up in their great room for breaks from work and art play. I loved the play of light on the boards and the repeat of triangles.

A heart shaped leaf on a ginger lei makes a perfect Hawaiian style valentine.

Outrigger canoes at rest on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

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