Friday, February 3, 2012

New iPhone Photo Gallery

iPhoneographer John Derby contributes a few of his favorite iPhone images to iPhone Diva. To create The Green Bar, he used these Apps: Snapseed, Pro HDR, Simply HDR, Grungetastic HD.
 About Iris #4, John says:  "I used only Pro HDR, and Snapseed (get the joke?) on this flower's pic." Love the selective focus here.
 My favorite: One Suspicious Bull was created with Camera + for clarity. Snapseed for straightening, cropping, and detail. Pro HDR, Simply HDR, and Pic Grunger.This photo "was taken at my Granddaughter's house when we stopped to drop off some milk after our ubiquitous trip to Walmart. We live in the tiny town of Chadwick, Missouri, where the only two businesses are Kay's Country Store and the little one-woman post office. Euba is the name of the Post Mistress, and she is the closest thing we have to a mayor, leading the parade as she does each June for "Railroad Days". The old School Bus serves as the bull's shelter in bad weather."

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