Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Self Portrait and More With the iPhone

Okay, Robin Robertis has done it again - made an iPhone photo into an art form that is truly unique! Here it is - her "recipe" is below, with all the apps she used. This is my new favorite iPhone pic.

"Photo taken is self-portrait
Camera Kit changed in to sepia tone.
Face Melter, to close the eyes and tweak a bit.
Fitler Fordge to use my new fave, the finger tool.

Does anyone know if u can resize that tool ?

PhotoFX using the Day Night ( making blue copy/ layer)
Photogene levels and tweaking the color again ( another copy / layer )
Colorsplash to make another layer

Tryed Photoblend ( doesnt work for me 2 well, or i just dont get it yet )
Juxaposer to blend the layers together

topped of with some texture in Cool FX
and some lights from the Light app

blended again with the finger tool

or something like that...."

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