Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Art of Holidays - Digital Art That Is...

Living in a mountain resort town can have its challenges. July 4th in Tahoe is a HUGE weekend for tourism - and we residents can find ourselves a bit overwhelmed by the traffic and the crowds.

This July 4th, we beat the rush. We celebrated on July 3rd! Our dear friends (and amazing realtors) Don and Theresa Souers suggested a picnic on one of our favorite beaches with our respective families.

As usual, Don was cooking, the young people were playing with little Aubrey, Theresa and I were relaxing with glasses of wine, and Dewitt was making art. He found this colorful vinyl playhouse right on the beach and whipped out his iPhone.

After taking the shot, he oversharpened it and ran a faux HDR (high dynamic range) using the Photoforge app. The frame was added in Photogene, using the custom frame option. The end result is a painterly, graphic image. Today, the actual 4th of July, you may not see the playhouse for the people.

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