Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ti-riffic iPhone Subjects

I love Ti  (or Ki as we call it in Hawaiian.) The colorful leaves of this plant never fail to seduce me into admiring them. Last week, I splurged on them - the gift that keeps on giving. Ki leaves symbolize protection from harm and many island homes (including ours)  have Ki plants surrounding them.

This is a straight abstract closeup with Snapseed for optimization and Touch Retouch to remove some debris spots.

 I love the purples in these leaves - no fancy apping except Snapseed to optimize.

These leaves were covered with dew in the morning. Snapseed and Camera+ apps.
Then I got a little more abstract and app-happy. I used Average Cam Pro - 8 exposures moving the camera slightly to get a painterly effect for the last 2 images. Since I love abstraction, these may be my favorites. (Of this shoot anyway.)


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