Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An iPhoneographer in Steinbeck Country: Monterey

The Monterey peninsula is a great place for iphoneographers. In January, Dewitt and I spent a couple of days wandering and shooting (and eating fresh fish!).

This first photo is of Monterey wharf. Apps used: ProHDR, Camera+, Aquarelle combined with Snap and Sketch version in IRIS for a painting with edge definition. Love the colors.

Along the 17 mile drive after sunset, we photographed the beach and kelp. Apps: Bracket Mode, ProHDR, HDR FX, Snapseed.

Rappa's at the end of Monterey wharf serves fresh fish with a breathtaking harbor view. Apps: Aquarelle, Pro HDR, Camera+, IRIS to combine painted image with original.

Sailboats and sailing gull in the marina at Monterey wharf.  Apps: ProHDR, Camera+, AHDR, Snapseed.


  1. Really liking the top pic. Cool!

    1. Hey thanks, Ben! That actually is my favorite of the four as well! I hope to do some more like it with the right subject matter. BTW, thanks for the link on Scoopit.

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  3. Lots of wonderful images here! Especially like the 1st and last. Sounds like a great trip.

  4. Wonderful images from your trip! I like them all. Looks like a great trip


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