Thursday, January 3, 2013

Simply Honolulu With an iPhone and Simply HDR App

One of my favorite apps is Simply HDR by the talented and prolific Jixipix gang. For you photoshop aficionados, its effects remind me of the plugin Lucis Pro. I love the crunchy, hyped look for certain subjects, particularly for architecture and street photography. Recently, I visited Honolulu with gal pal Theresa. We were there on business, but we still found time to pull out our iPhones as we walked Waikiki Beach. I knew even as I took these shots that I'd want to use Simply HDR.

 High rise tower with palms with sun reflecting off the many glass panes.

I loved this man's body language and elegant aloha shirt.

A Waikiki beach boy cleaned up chaise longs as the tourists headed off to dinner.

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  1. I love the guy's shirt also and his body.


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