Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smoosh: New Fab Painting App from Pixel Blend Creator

Pixel Blend, a painting app that simulates the process of Time Zero Polaroid SX70 emulsion "painting" is one of my favorite apps. Now, Michael Valdez has come out with its easier to use cousin: Smoosh. (Smooshing is what we SX70 enthusiasts used to say we were doing when we moved the emulsion on the Polaroid prints.) I tried it and I love it! It's intuitive and user-friendly - even if you've never heard of SX70 or Time Zero or heaven forbid, Polaroid.

To test it out, I pulled up a "nothing" shot of a rose that I took intending to paint it one day.

I painted (smooshed) it. Even took out the bug on one petal just by smooshing. Cool. It's still just an ok shot, but the paint strokes are wonderful.
 I finished it off with cropping and adding a couple of textures.

 My good friend and photographer Theresa Souers challenged me to "paint" one of her photos so she could watch the process. (Seriously a bit like watching paint dry - not a spectator sport, but we had wine so it went okay.)
 She had this lovely shot of a beached red canoe, mountains in the background, nature all around. After warming and toning with Tiffen PhotoFX app, I set about painting with Smoosh. I liked it a lot, but decided it needed something (always). So I took it into Painteresque app, which is way too much, but combined both images in IRIS app and voila. We both liked it. Collaborative art, once again.


  1. Wonderful images! So cool, but now I have to go and buy another app.

  2. I know what you mean, Irene. My app budget - well let's just say it is NOT a budget. I'm totally app-happy.

    1. "App-happy"--I like that! Me, too. 780 and counting, of which over 200 are photo or image related. It's very hard to remember what features are in each app, of course. I've tried making a spreadsheet with each feature as a column header and the app as a row header, but that was going to take way to long to complete! How do you keep track of them all?

    2. Well Ted, the short answer is: I don't! I forget what some of them do and then when I rediscover them, I'm amazed that I let them fall away for so long. And re: the spreadsheet? I tried that but the apps keep updating and changing so it's always out of date. Sigh - if you come up with a great way to organize them (OK I do have a pretty good organizational system which I will share at one point - I've been told that I should write about it) or if you come up with a memory enhancer, let me know.

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  4. I really like Smoosh but just need some practice to produce images of the quality you have shared with us.


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