Friday, July 20, 2012

An iPhoneographer in Paris

Paris is truly an iPhoneographer's dream. It is not, however, a wifi dream. Hence the paucity of images posted here lately. Be forewarned: that is about to change! As I sift through the ginormous pile of images on my hard drive, I'll be putting them up on iPhone Diva: here and on the Facebook page. And showing some guest photo galleries in between, so I don't hog all the space.

Boat down the Seine with Notre Dame was apped with Dynamic Light, Simply HDR, and Snapseed.

There is a wonderful flower mart right in the heart of Paris. We stumbled upon it walking from our apartment in the Latin Quarter to the Louvre. I loved these little planters. Apped with Snapseed, Camera +.

What? There were iPhoneographers in the 13th century?!? Who knew?!? Looks like he was trying to make a call with his camera and couldn't get service. Silly boy.
Statue at the Louvre Museum. Snapseed and native camera.

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  1. I totlly agree about go smaller or go home... at the workshop I had the smalles ligtest cheapest big girl camera .. I could not even hold the cameras the others had to walk around with .. lighter smaller HIZZZZAH!!!
    I like your shots thanks for sharing.


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