Friday, January 20, 2012

No iPhone Yet But You Have an iPad? No Problem!

Photographer Carol Robinson has begun the foray into "apping" by bringing her big girl camera pix into her new iPad and the rest, as they say, is history. I predict an iPhone in her future as well - after all, the best camera is..wait for it... the one you have with you!

Apps she has been using so far include Picture Suite for the Star Magnolia,  PhotoArtista Haiku and Blender. Me thinks I see a little pic grunger too.  So no iPhone, only an iPad? No problem.

As Carol says: "Addicted is the word for sure..I feel a lot more free to play with these images.
I like the Artista Haiku [the middle photo] the best of the three.   There are so many Apps , like so many colored pens. Hard to figure out what to do first."

Amen. Creativity to the max!

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  1. Oh, and Carol tells me that the middle photo is cat toys. Who knew?


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