Thursday, December 29, 2011

iPhone Diva's Fave App for Today: Pro HDR

OK, I'm fickle. I admit it. My favorite app is most usually the one I've just finished playing with. And today my favorite is ProHDR, with a little Snapseed on the side. Without them, this shot at sunset on Papohaku Beach here on Moloka`i would have either a blacked out foreground or a blown out sky. Or with some HDR apps, a completely fake looking, super crunchy, overcooked HDR photograph.  Instead, I get a result that approximates what I actually saw.! (Hint: I use the manual setting for Pro HDR so I get to pick the light and dark exposures that I want.)

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  1. I agree completely! I've been using ProHDR for quite a while now, and have not found a better app for naturalistic HDR. As with any HDR app, it's vitally important to hold the phone very steady as it takes the pair of shots to combine. A tripod adapter or other aid such as leaning against a window or wall can help a lot. I find automatic mode works for most images that don't include that giant glowing gasbag, and then the manual mode can do wonders. Love your example photo!


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