Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanks, Steve Jobs. You Changed Our Lives. We'll Miss You.

Steve Jobs has left the planet. But his legacy will be with us forever. My first computer was an Apple IIe back in 1983 or so. I fell in love with my first Mac and nearly every wonderful product Apple created. As I sit here typing on my Macbook Pro with my iPod playing soft Hawaiian music and my iPhone (actually my main camera) and my iPad lying next to them, I marvel at the world that Jobs and his cohorts invented.  So in the midst of my mourning, I also smile in gratitude that such a being graced our lives with his vision. And his presence. Thanks again, Steve. I hope there's lots of geeky stuff where you are - and if not, I know there will be soon. Aloha.


  1. Super post Lynette...he surely made a difference in the world..

  2. What a wonderful post Lynette. It is so true and written with warmth from your heart as you do so well.


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