Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunset Strolls With the iPhone

Summer is here finallly, though you wouldn’t guess it by the amount of snow on the peaks here in Tahoe. Still, it is warm enough for an evening stroll along the lake shore. ProHDR and Tiffen’s Photo FX optimized this photo (with a little added sharpening from Perfect Photo app.)

I couldn’t resist going a little app happy on this shot, so added the “stars” in IRIS (noise effect).

Jon Leland, a regular contributor to iPhone Diva, shares his own sunset strolls along Richardson Bay near San Franciso. ProHDR and Camera + were his go-to apps for these lovely shots.

Head on out for an evening walk with your iPhone. Even if you don’t get any shots you like, you’ll be sure to get some great mind photos or “neurochromes” as John Barclay calls them. And fresh air, and exercise, and stress reduction, etc. And if you do get some pix you like, send them along to iPhone Diva so we can take a walk in your neck of the woods.

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