Monday, May 23, 2011

iPhone Photojournalism

Recently I accompanied my girlfriend Karen down to Kalaupapa peninsula here on Molokai. We hiked down the highest sea cliffs in the world to take the tour of the infamous leper colony, where so many Hawaiians were exiled during a most shameful period of history.

Karen was slated to write an article for the LA Times and I brought along my trusty iPhone. As always, the tour was moving and emotional, while the natural beauty of the place was jaw dropping. And the iPhone apps helped me enhance the feeling of this most spiritual place. The best camera is the one you have with you - and for me that's most often the iPhone.

When one of our fellow tour members suffered total camera failure, she heard Karen oohing and aahing over the pix on my tiny phone. She looked around the busload of people, then asked me, "Would you mind sending me some of your photos? This is a once in a lifetime trip and I'd love some shots for the memories."

They were in her email before she got back to the hotel. Now that's the power of iphoneography.

I double exposed a hymnal sheet with a shot of the St. Francis church and added texture in IRIS.

I used Artista Oil, Artista Sketch, and Pic Grunger to create a fresco look in this photo of the Virgin Mary and infant Jesus.

ProHDR, Camera + and texture from ?Iris maybe to enhance the fragility of land and lifetimes.


  1. What a wonderful story and so true. Only with an iPhone! Love the creativity!

  2. I Love Your Gallery! Hymnal photo leads me to a great place of peace.


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