Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bird of Paradise Appstravaganza

I love to photograph our tropical flowers, especially the Bird of Paradise. And the iPhone apps make it possible to show them off in myriad ways. Here are four appstravagant views.

This shot was antiqued and framed in one of my favorite apps called Infinicam.

I turned this shot into a sketch with Artista Sketch app and combined it with the original in Iris app.
This shot was grunged and optimized in Iris and the lettering layer is courtesy of the FotoMuse app.

I shot a couple different frames of these birds with the Hipstamatic app using Dreamcanvas and John S. (Dreamcanvas gives the cool border effect.) I punched up the saturation in Photoforge. Then I combined the two shots in DXP. This is one of my favorites. But stayed tuned - the bird of paradise plants in my garden are always blooming. And new apps are out for photographers every day!

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