Friday, March 26, 2010

iPhone App Art Smorgasbord

Diva Lucy Lamkin chose three of her favorite apps to showcase here. They are fun and easy apps to play with - the only downside is that the app has the control rather than the artist. Of course, that could be an upside too. Not everyone likes to spend 20 minutes creating one image on her iPhone like I do.

As my friend and photoshop guru always asks "Is it a bug or a feature?" Depends on your point of view.

This app is called Photo Sketch - I never thought of using it with portraits. I did trees in snow most recently with it. This is a whole new take on the app.

PaintMee seems to lay down thick oil paint to create a photo painting out of any photo. I really like the wave.

Gasp, a photo app I don't own! PhotoTropedelic renders images into 60's Peter Maxx like pop art. The two women came out very interesting.

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