Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Butterflies and Transformation iPhone Style

Butterflies (and occasionally by extension, moths) are endlessly fascinating to me. I love to watch them. I love their energy (more floaty and serene than say hummingbirds.) And I love the mythic symbolism of transformation.

So I have embarked on my own exploration of transformation in the butterfly realm with my iPhone with these three images.

I ran a sink of water for dishwashing and answered a lengthy phone call. Upon my return, I found this moth had fallen into the soapy water and drowned. So I did what any humanitarian photographer would do - I took her picture. I used one of the filters in the Photo Studio app - can't remember which one, maybe sepia tone.

I took a photo of a butterfly, applied Toonpaint, and aged it in Pic Grunger.
I took the Toonpainted butterfly and combined it in DXP app with a Toonpainted photo of a mask to get this image.

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