Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spotlight on Toonpaint and Hipstamatic

This moody shot was taken and enhanced by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, our son. He used an app new to me called Hipstamatic. He calls it "Crazy Light on Snow". I love it.

Digital Diva Robin Robertis has been at it again using Toonpaint iPhone app. I downloaded it as soon as I saw her images. Sort of Roy Lichtenstein meets Shockmypic with a little Marvel comics thrown in.

The Buddha image below completely wowed me. Here's Robin's recipe for the manipulation:
Pict taken into ToonPaint,

Filterforge for levels and sharpening. Classic FX to adjust temperature. Save image. Start again with saved image by choosing day filter in Classic FX. Bring both versions into Juxtaposer to bring out colors.
Back into filter forge to auto enhance, oil painting, again in watercolor. Back into Juxtaposer to bring out a texture I like.

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  1. wow, that "Crazy Light on Snow" picture is fantastic.


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