Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Making Magic Photo Art With the iPhone

Rikki Cooke sends this colloborative iPhone digital art photo co-created with artist Lucy Lamkin. Here is the original iPhone photo which Rikki refers to as "dog doo" (not his exact words but you get the drift.)

The image was then brought it into Photoshop and they made the following adjustments: Sky adjusted with targeted adjust tool in ACR, areas around house and tree opened with dodge brush, then opened in photoshop and sized to 1000 pixel. Then visit Topaz Adjust, then Topaz Simplify and oil painting,then Topaz Veracity Sharpen, then size up to 8x10 in PCS4, then sharpen with added "structure" in Nik's Sharpener pro and save and done. Lucy then did some final adjusting of her own. WOW!

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