Monday, August 17, 2009

A Bouquet of iPhone Apps

On my Menopause Goddess Blog, I've written about my midlife attention span shortening. I find myself flitting from thought to thought, project to project, like a butterfly flits from flower to flower.

I think iPhone apps actually encourage this trait - by offering so many delightful options and possibilities that I just can't help myself. Given that, here is my latest "flitting" in iPhone photography.

This shot of a butterfly on a daisy was taken across the street in my neighbor's yard. No manipulation yet.

Next I flitted to Photoforge to "paint" with my finger. I then added the Color Comic filter from an app called Cinema FX.

After saving the painted image, I went into Cinema FX again and added the a filter called Surveillance Cam. Interesting.

Finally, I added a filter called Japanese Memory, also in the Cinema FX app. I probably like the painted image best, but they all work for me.

The Digital Dude (my husband Dewitt Jones) and I are heading up to the High Sierra and White Mountains for the week - hope to have lots of fun, new images upon our return.

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