Saturday, June 27, 2009

They’ve Got Me By The Apps: Confessions of an iPhone Slut

I admit it freely, without guilt or reservation. I am an iPhone slut. I love, love, love my iPhone.

Now, I like that it syncs with my computer calendar and address database. I enjoy having music and movies right there on my phone. It surfs the web beautifully and lets me manage my email, blogs, and social networking accounts. And it is a perfectly good phone, especially now.

But I LOVE it for the apps. (And also now the NEW camera. which figures prominently into the app desire.)

My favorite apps are the photo apps. And yes, I have way too many of them, but I refuse to relinquish a single one. Making art on the iPhone is the digital diva’s latest obsession.

The original image for the above pic was a ratcheted zoom of lily pads in Monet’s Garden in Giverny, where Mark Lissick teaches a fabulous course in the French Countryside. (Co-taught by my photographer husband, Dewitt Jones, one week in 2010.) The iPhone app that gave it the nautiloid appearance is iDroste. I think it was free, but it would be worth paying for!

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